THE FORTUNE HANDBOOK (财神爷) is here on 26 Jan 2017!

Are you ready to receive THE FORTUNE HANDBOOK (财神爷) in 2017?! If you are, be sure to catch this Chinese New Year blockbuster! A Fortune God intern who was sent to do good on Earth but ends up making a mess!

Release Date: 26 January 2017

TFG mm2-Gala E inviteTFG mm2-Gala E invite


Li Nanxing, Christopher Lee, Mark Lee, Vivian Lai


Kelvin Sng


‘The Fortune Handbook《财神爷》’ is the story about Su Fu, an unremarkable man obsessed with becoming rich and constantly conniving to get the secret recipe to Hao Xing, his brother-in-law’s famous traditional Chinese pastry. 

He thinks they’ve got it made when a Fortune God stumbles into his and his family’s lives, but the Fortune God’s actions turns out to have hilarious consequences.

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